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What are Healthy Socks?

What are Healthy Socks?

The task of protecting the feet that remain in the shoes during the day falls on the socks. The more natural materials the socks are made of, the healthier they will be. Breathable, foot-friendly socks provide comfort all day long. If the raw material of socks produced from yarns is obtained from nature, it will be natural. Socks made of artificial materials prevent the comfort during the day and cause sweating. Odor may occur in feet that sweat and cannot breathe.

Socks may be the cause of many foot diseases, especially fungus. Modal socks produced from beech wood, organic socks and bamboo socks produced from bamboo fibers are foot-friendly socks.

How to Choose Socks?

When choosing socks, it should be considered what purpose they will serve. In cases where shoes need to be removed, wearing socks matching with the outfit completes the style. Some people are careful to wear socks of the same color as the outfit they wear, while others like the harmony of contrasts. Socks are also like a reflection of personality. Those with playful personalities enjoy wearing colorful socks. Others have nearly adopted the principle of wearing one color socks. Having socks of any color, especially black, makes it easy to match.

The important thing in choosing socks is that the socks are made of natural material. Cotton socks are the friend of the feet, if they do not contain a polyester mixture. Organic socks made of bamboo fibers provide comfort for feet with their special texture. The selected bamboo socks should not squeeze the feet. Socks that squeeze feet in shoes can cause nail infections. Therefore, socks that take the shape of the foot and do not squeeze it should be chosen. Socks known as orthopedic socks, adapt to the shape of the foot.

Compression socks specially produced for varicose patients are long socks  that accelerate blood circulation by tightening the legs. While the part of the compression socks close to the ankle is tighter, there is less pressure on the upper parts of the legs. Thanks to the socks, body aches are reduced and blood circulation is positively affected.

Heated socks, specially produced for those who have to live in harsh winter conditions or are interested in mountaineering sports, work with battery or by charging. Socks that have the principle of especially warming the toes are selected by; those interested in skiing, fishermen, outdoor athletes and hunters.

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What are Diabetic Socks?

Diabetes patients' feet are very sensitive. In order to prevent blood circulation disorders in patients, the feet should be comfortable. Special socks that do not tighten the elastic part are produced for diabetics where infections that may occur in the feet are vital.

What are Silver Socks?

Silver socks, the product of a new technology, prevent bacteria formation on the feet. It also prevents odor by allowing the feet to breathe. Those who constantly wear silver socks cannot wear other socks once they get used to their comfort. Those who want socks that prevent fungal growth can also buy socks that do not sweat.

How Are Socks Prices Determined?

It is very important that a limb that carries the weight of the whole body, such as the foot, is comfortable. When shopping for socks, it should be checked whether they are made of natural materials rather than their price. If you want to buy quality socks, you have to set a certain budget. There certainly are socks suitable for every budget. Multiple sold socks in the system do not mean poor quality.

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