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Frequently Asked Questions
yildiz.jpg (630 b)What should I do if I want to return or cancel the product I purchased?

nokta.jpg (373 b) If your order has been shipped, by informing us that you will return the product within 7 business days from the moment the cargo arrives,

you can return it in its original packaging, complete and unused.

yildiz.jpg (630 b)Can I change the product I ordered?

nokta.jpg (373 b) Yes, you have the opportunity to change the products you have purchased. You can forward the product you want to change to our whatsapp support line or

You can specify the code of the product to request the bottom of your invoice.

yildiz.jpg (630 b)When will the refund / cancellation of the product I cancel?

nokta.jpg (373 b) The returned product process is as follows:

nokta.jpg (373 b) The product is checked for compliance with return conditions after we receive it.

nokta.jpg (373 b)  If the product meets the return conditions, the return process will be completed within 7-14 business days.

nokta.jpg (373 b)  If the product does not meet the return conditions, it will be sent back to your address.

nokta.jpg (373 b)  When your return is completed, an information message will be sent to your membership e-mail.

nokta.jpg (373 b)  The period of time that the refunded amount is reflected on your card depends on your bank. If you have paid by credit card, it usually reflects in a few days. On debit cards

If the refund is reflected in your account is longer.

nokta.jpg (373 b)  Refunds for purchases made in installments are based on the number of installments made. For example: If you bought the product in 3 installments, your return will be completed in 3 months.

yildiz.jpg (630 b)What are the payment options?

nokta.jpg (373 b)  You can pay your orders by Credit Card, Money Order & EFT, Payment at the Door (Cash & Credit Card) or Postal Check.

yildiz.jpg (630 b)How can I find out the wholesale price of the products?

nokta.jpg (373 b)  We have discounts according to the amount you will get over the number of sales specified in our products. Quantities and discounts under the product price

It is indicated in the table.

yildiz.jpg (630 b)How can I choose the colors and patterns in the package?

nokta.jpg (373 b)  After choosing your product color, pattern and size, please specify the "ADD ORDER NOTICE" section in the basket.

yildiz.jpg (630 b)Can I come to your store to look and buy your products?

nokta.jpg (373 b)  You can find all the products on our site in our store in Istanbul / Bayrampasa.

yildiz.jpg (630 b)Is there any product shipping abroad?

nokta.jpg (373 b)  Yes, your orders can be delivered to all parts of the world. Click for detailed information.

yildiz.jpg (630 b)How can I be informed about the renewed products?

nokta.jpg (373 b)  After logging into your membership on our site, when you click the notify button when it comes to stock, click on the product that is sold out.

In case of information, your mail will be sent.
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