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How to Choose Outdoor, Hiking and Mountaineering Socks?

How to Choose Outdoor, Hiking and Mountaineering Socks?

Hiking and mountaineering sports, which provide a distinct pleasure and joy for extreme sports enthusiasts, are more enjoyable and safer as long as they have the right equipment. In areas such as trekking, hiking, mountain climbing or camping, which are among the sports types that are generally referred to as outdoor; The right clothes, the right materials and the right planning are very important. Depending on the activity, you can use socks such as outdoor socks or hiking socks mountaineering socks, camping socks.

What are Outdoor Socks?

The first criterion that should be given priority in the selection of outdoor socks is considered to be antiperspirant. As the sweaty feet have a negative effect on walking comfort during long and hard walks; The socks to be chosen should not make you sweat. Another factor is the support areas that are important for providing comfort. Problems can be experienced because of the excessive load on the heel and toes of the foot. For this reason, the heel and tip parts in specially developed socks show extra softness. The last factor is one of the points to be considered for security. Since outdoor activities are intertwined with nature, it is necessary to pay regard to the length in order to prevent the contact of sharp grasses and small insects with the feet.

How Should Camping Socks Be?

There are some special points in socks selection for those who are interested in camping and tents. As you know, means are limited while camping. Since processes such as laundry are quite laborious and perhaps impossible, the first criterion is drying properties. The fact that the socks suitable for camping have a structure and texture that dries easily becomes more important than you think. For this reason, the other point that should be in a sock that does not sweat, is long, has a soft support zone, and easily dries. However, it is useful to remind; An easy-drying sock stands out not only for camping but also for other outdoor activities such as hiking.

What Are The Criteria To Consider When Choosing Mountaineering Socks?

Socks suitable for sports lovers who are interested in mountaineering and like trekking, as well as climbing, are called mountaineering socks. Each of the criteria that change depending on the climate and ground conditions of the climbed region seems very important.

When it comes to mountaineering socks, the first outdoor thermal socks models come to mind. As the altitude rises, the decreasing air temperatures strain people, especially at night, and chilling problems may occur. While all clothes are expected to be suitable for these weather conditions, it is recommended that the socks be thermal. In addition, the qualities that should be in mountaineering socks; soft supports that will provide comfort, durable fabric structure resistant to all conditions, and their length is just below the knee cap.

What are the Similarities Between Types of Socks?

The criteria for choosing socks for all outdoor events are generally similar. Although there are some specific differences, it is recommended to consider criteria such as durability, length, softness and suitability for cold weather, and to choose all equipment suitable for sports in outdoor events. Although the pleasure of the sport is decisive, it is also important to think about comfort and safety. Therefore, some determinants need to be considered in order to increase the quality of sports.

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