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Varimed Men and Women Medium Compression High Socks Compression Stockings OpenToe 7230

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Varimed Men and Women Medium Compression High Socks Compression Stockings Open Toe  7230 (23-32 mmHG)

Product features:
- CC2 moderate compression medical compression stockings (23-32 mmHG)
- Varimed Confort compression stockings provide reliable copression therapy for all skins in Daily use, thanks to its robust and skin-friendly sturcture.
- With its opaque appearance, it has a structure that will not look like normal socks in your daily life and business life.
- Thanks to the double-coated elastic threads used, soft texture, long-lasting durable structure, easy to put on and take off, and fully Wrap the leg are provided.
- It is recommended for patients with mild connective tissue and more severe phlebological indications.
- It has been tested according to the skin-friendly Oeko-Tex Standard 100, and the allergic effects that may occur on the skin are minimized.
- The silicone elastic band used in the thigh-length compression stockings prevents the socks from slipping off the leg and does not disrupt the pressure profile of the socks.

Size Selection:
- Since the developed measurement system covers a wide measurement range, it easily adapts to all kinds of legs.
- Two sizes are enough to choose the right size for Varimed Compression Stockings. These are ankle circumference (cB) and leg height.
- The size chart also gives other leg sizes. Compare the measurement values with the size chart.

Size Chart:
varimed-leg-length-size-chart.jpg (357 KB)

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