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Export Surplus 12-Pack Cheap Socks

Product Code : T48
69.99 TL
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Planned Delivery : 22.06.2024 -
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Wholesale Export Surplus Cheap Socks Model

Product Features:
- They are quality socks with few defects (Tire part is narrow/wide, small holes/runaways caused by machine error, Nose seam problems, Thread leaks, Stains caused by Dye&Washing etc.).
- Socket, booties, knee-highs in men's, women's and children's sizes; thick, thin etc. Whatever model/type/group/color of socks are in stock at that moment, they are sent without any discrimination.
- Exchanges and returns are not accepted in the A02 export surplus deformation product group.
- Payment at the door is not available due to limited stock. You can complete your order with money order/EFT and credit card. Thank you for your understanding.
- Generally, socks to be sold cheaply in the markets fall into this category. It can be put into the cart in your shop to attract customers.
- It is the selling price of a dozen. (1 Dozen = 12 Pairs)
- The minimum sales quantity is 50 dozen. (50 x 12 Pairs = 600 Pairs)

“Color differences may vary depending on the angle of incidence of light.”
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