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Export Surplus 12-Pack Cheap Socks

Product Code : (A02)
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18.99 TL

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Cargo Delivery Time: 4-5 Work Day

-No exchanges or refunds will be made since these products vary in our stocks. Thank you for your understanding.

-Due to the limited availability of stock, cash on delivery payment is not available. You can complete your order by wire transfer/EFT and with a credit card. Thank you for your understanding.

Wholesale Export Surplus Cheap Socks Model

Types & Colors & Sizes:
- The available model/type/group/color of socks we have in stock at that moment will be delivered.
- Our colleagues will call you for confirmation during the shipment of your order. You can also call us for confirmation before your order.
- We deliver the products according to the availabilities in our stocks as a mixture in various colors and patterns; sockets, booties, winters, seasonal, summer, knee-high, etc., in men's, women's, and/or children's sizes.

Product Features:
- Men, Women, and Children; in various sizes and types (booties, sockets, towels, winter, summer, etc.) and in various compositions; "Export Surplus", Slightly Defective, 2nd Quality socks.
- Socks do not have holes or tears that are too large to use.
- In general, socks that will be sold cheaply in markets fall into this category. It can be put in the basket in your shop to attract customers.
- The sale price for a dozen. (1 Dozen = 12 Pairs)
- The minimum sales quantity is 25 dozens. (25 x 12 Pairs = 300 Pairs)
- Packaged in dozens.

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