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Nordsox 2-Pack Man's Thick Sports Socks

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Nordsox 2-Pack Man's Merino Wool Sports Socks

Product Composition:
40% Merino Wool - 44% Acrylic - 15% Polyamide - 1% Elastane

Product Features:
- Natural merino wool Nordsox socks obtained from Merino sheep bred in Australia and New Zealand absorb moisture and dry quickly, keeping your feet dry.
- Merino Wool does not itch like other types of wool, on the contrary, it provides comfortable use throughout the day with its soft texture.
- Natural wool fibers breathe, absorb sweat up to 30% of its own weight, and do not smell.
- An indispensable part of your winter walks with its extra fine wool, half towel and structure suitable for sports activities.

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