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Embossing Patterned 6-Pack Luxury Bamboo Men's Socks

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Embossing Patterned 6-Pack Luxury Bamboo Men's Socks Model

Product Composition:
80% Bamboo - 18% Polyamide - 2% Elastane

Black, Navy, Smoked.

Product Features:
- Bamboo Socks will be your favorite in all seasons with its comfort.
- Socks made of 100% Bamboo string will enchant you with their natural softness.
- Please do not mistake our socks for other cheap bamboo socks on the market. In many places, socks called "bamboo" with viscose yarn are sold. Our products are 100% bamboo, our customers have the right to test/have them tested.
- You will feel as if you are not wearing socks on your feet in summer with the socks made of original bamboo yarn made of bamboo trees without using any chemical elements.
- Our socks are also seamless toe. You will not feel anything on the nose part of your feet.

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